How GA 00 Works

Welcome to GA00


Many NBHA members want to know how GA00 works. Listed below you will find a brief explanation of how the district is different from all other districts. I hope you find this helpful and will help you understand how it works.

1)      To become a GA00 member, you must contact the NBHA head office or complete a transfer form at a district NBHA show. Once you are properly transferred or enrolled, you may begin competing as a GA00 member.

2)      GA00 members can claim points at six shows per year. You can attend and ride at as many district shows as you wish, but only can claim six for points.

3)      Before you make your run in each class, you must declare on your draw card if you are running for points.

4)      GA00 members can run in any district in the state of Georgia. This is beneficial to members that wish to travel all over the state or maybe your horse runs better in a certain pen than another. You get to pick and chose your arenas. Also some members find that it is easier to worry about six point shows than the normal amount of shows all other districts have.

5)      I would recommend that members complete their own draw cards and entry forms. Please do not rely on others to do this for you. This helps make sure no mistakes are made. It is up to you as the member to declare if you are running for points, not the office staff or family/friends.

6)      GA00 is a “non-income” district. This simply means we as a district do not host any shows to generate money. All other districts receive a portion of your entry fee to fund awards and expenses.

7)      GA00 does not guarantee year-end awards at any time. If sponsorships are obtained with the help of the members, then year-end awards will be given. The amount of sponsorships will determine how many awards are given and what types of awards are given.

8)      Points – I get the most questions concerning how points are given. Points are given based on the fastest time of the show as normal, which sets the divisions. But as GA00 members, you are only concerned with how many other GA00 members are riding against you and or place in the same division as yourself. Points are given 5-1 like normal, first place being 5 points, second place being 4 points and so forth.



Fastest time of show is 15.200, “Sally” is a GA00 member and runs a 15.830, and she finishes in the 2D. No matter where she finished in that division, if she were the only GA00 member in the 2D then she would get all 5 points. Now if another GA00 member finished ahead of her, then Sally would only get 4 2D points. It doesn’t matter if you finish at the top of the division or the middle of the division, you would receive points as long as there were not more than 4 GA00 members ahead of you. So points would be given 5-1. If there happen to be a sixth member at the end, then of course that sixth member would not receive any points.

Georgia 00
Director : Regina Craig

160 Upchurch Rd
McDonough, GA 30252
Phone: 404-886-4034